Ensure your cameras are clean and pointing in the right direction.

A dirty camera gives the impression that CCTV is not in action or is not maintained, thus increasing the likelihood of criminals to neglect it.


Ensure your cameras are visible and their sight is not blocked.

If you can’t see the camera, the camera can’t see you; if there’s something in the way of the camera, it can’t see past it.


Install professional signage at your entrance points or near your cameras.

Professional signage is more convincing and may cause criminals to think twice after seeing a CCTV warning sign.


Install sensor lights located near your cameras.

Installing sensor lights allows the cameras to more easily see the subject area, and also deters criminals even more so.


Identify people at the point of entrance to your property.

If the CCTV doesn’t pick up their faces, then the police cannot identify them, and it may be much harder or even impossible to find the criminal.


Ensure your DVR has the correct Date and Time set.

Power cuts may cause the Date and Time to reset, thus making re-watching of the footage much harder to understand and narrow down specific times, thus regular checking needs to be put in place just in case.


Ensure your DVR is actually recording.

You can do this by looking for a red or green symbol on the recording, and without constant monitoring of the recording, if a crime takes place, it may not get recorded, and this is definitely a problem that should be avoided.


Test Playback.

Following the same pattern as ensuring everything is correctly set on your DVR, testing playback is also important as even if it is recording, and being maintained, the hard drive may have problems playing back footage, and may need fixing or updating.


Test the Backup function.

To ensure that footage is kept safe, secure, and copies are made in case of an incident with the CCTV equipment, backup’s should be made, maintained and monitored that they are functional, allowing for the holding of previous or meaningful footage despite electrical or hardware/software issues.


Ask professionals for help.

If all seems to be too strenuous, you could always resort back to the professionals, they’re the one’s who know all about it after all. Feel free to contact us for any questions you have, or any help that is required.

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