Watchguard Professional 8 Zone Alarm Panel & LCD Keypad – Expandable to 64 Monitored Zones



The WGAP864 is a versatile, microprocessor-based, fully featured 8/64 Zone alarm panel, which has eight partitions. The alarm panel provides immediate notification of burglary, fire, medical & panic conditions. There is a dedicated panic zone, monitored siren output, auxiliary power outputs and five (expandable to 25) programmable outputs that may be programmed to perform various trigger/switching functions. Program via USB cable in less than 30 Seconds! USB Programming Cable Sold Separately (Model: WGAPCABLEUSB)

– 64 zones (up to 16 onboard)
– 8 partitions
– Supports up to 8 keypads
– 128 user codes
– 25 fully programmable outputs
– Ability to log up to 1000 events
– 1.5A available onboard power (dual power supply)
– Dedicated 500mA battery charger for optimal backup battery management
– Up to 4 bus receivers (fully programmable from the keypad)
– IDSs renowned one-button arming
– 3 quick arm modes: Stay, (2) Away and (3) Stay and Go
– 4 stay profiles (quick-select specific stay profiles via keypad shortcut): Stay, Night Stay, Day Stay, Perimeter
– Supports star or daisy chain modules up to 300m
– Dual and split reporting
– Dynamic battery self-test
– Dedicated panic zone
– Optional tamper per zone
– Separate box tamper zone
– Maintenance code
– No activity arming
– Recall bypass selected
– Auto arm/disarm per partition
– User-enabled chime and buzz zones
– Programmable loop response time
– Excellent protection against lightning (provided by “zap tracking” and transient suppressors)
– Telephone communicator
– Expanded heat sink

Additional Accessories:
• Expand the original WGAP864 to wireless 16 zone by simply plugging the 16 Channel Wireless Receiver directly onto the main panel. (Model No: WGAP864WRX16)
• 2 Channel Receiver for WGAP864 (Model No: WGAP864WRX2)


Monitoring Service No (Optional Phone Reporting Module)
Partitioning 8 partitions
Remote Programming No (Optional Phone Programming Module)
Sensors Wired
Zones 8 expandable to 64

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