The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) in their August 2016 issue of “The Road Ahead” has published some simple home security tips.

According to police figures, the overall rates of property crime in Queensland have been continually dropping in recent years.

At the same time, RACQ Insurance research shows increasing numbers of Queenslanders – 55.2 percent in 2015 compared with 44.8 percent in 2014 – feel apprehensive about leaving their home unattended for fear it will be burgled.

The main ways thieves enter our homes are:

  • Doors forced open – 38.5 percent
  • Windows forced open – 33.3 percent
  • Through open or unlocked doors – 17.2 percent
  • Through open or unlocked windows – 10.9 percent

The RACQ’s research shows that the majority of property crime is opportunistic and that many householders make it easy for thieves to enter their property by not using simple home security measures.


Simple Home Security Tips

  • Always lock doors and windows even when you’re at home. Establish a home security regime that everyone follows.
  • Tell your neighbours if you do experience a theft – this reminds them to be extra careful and report suspicious activity.
  • Don’t assume balcony doors or high windows are safe to leave unlocked – thieves are good at finding ways to overcome obstacles.
  • Place easy-to-carry valuables such as jewellery, cameras, phones, laptops out of sight and secured.
  • Don’t leave car keys or wallets beside open windows and doors.
  • Engage deadlocks when you leave the house so thieves can’t carry items out through main doors.
  • If you’re going away and can’t arrange for someone to collect your mail, ask Australia Post to hold it until you return.
  • Keep your home contents insurance up to date.


“The Road Ahead” August 2016

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