A large number of break and enter crimes are easily preventable. By introducing a number of simple and inexpensive changes to your home, you can play an active role in reducing the chances of this happening to you. By securing your home you significantly lower the risk of you and your family becoming victims of crime. Burglary can have a serious impact on families and individuals in a number of different ways.

Help Stop House Break-Ins

  • Display street number at the front of the house to assist emergency services to locate your home;
  • Ensure all perimeter fences are in good order and that gates are kept closed and locked to restrict unauthorised access to your property;
  • Trim trees and shrubs from around doors and windows so as not to provide concealment to intruders and increase visibility to and from the street;
  • Install quality security lights around the perimeter of your home to provide more effective illumination at night;
  • The power board to your home should be housed within a metal cabinet secured with an electricity authority lock to restrict tampering;
  • All perimeter doors to your home should be of solid construction and fitted with quality dead lock sets to restrict unauthorised access to the home;
  • All perimeter windows should be secured with key operated locks to restrict unauthorised access;
  • Glass within doors and windows should be reinforced by either adhering a shatter resistant film, replacing with laminated glass or having quality metal security grilles or shutters fitted to restrict unauthorised access;
  • Record descriptions, models and serial numbers of all your valuables to assist in easy identification should they be reported lost or stolen;
  • Engrave your driver’s licence number prefixed by the initials “NSW” on all items of value again to assist in easy identification;
  • Photograph jewellery and other collectables for easy identification.
  • Consider having a monitored intruder alarm system installed. Obtain at least three quotes from licensed security companies;
  • Garages should be locked to restrict access. Roller tilt and panel lift doors can be secured with additional lock sets in the form of hasp and staple or padlocks;
  • Garden sheds should be securely anchored to the ground to prevent lifting. A suitable lock set should also be fitted;
  • Garden tools, equipment and ladders should be locked away when not in use to prevent them being used to gain access to your home.

Help Stop Business Break-Ins

  • Display the street/shop number and business name at the front of the business to assist emergency services locate the property;
  • Post warning signs around the business to warn intruders about the security features you have in place;
  • Remove obstacles and rubbish from property boundaries, footpaths, driveways, car parks and buildings;
  • Install security lighting around the perimeter of the business, particularly over entry/exit points;
  • The doors, walls, floor and ceilings of the building should be of solid construction. Limit the number of entry/exit points to restrict unauthorised access;
  • Doors should be fitted with quality single cylinder dead lock sets to comply with the Australian Building Code, fire regulations;
  • Glass within doors and windows should be reinforced with either a shatter resistant film or laminated glass;
  • Record descriptions, models/serial numbers of property owned by your business;
  • If your business deals in cash then you should consider the installation of a safe to provide additional security. The safe should be manufactured and installed to the Australian and New Zealand Standards and should be anchored to restrict removal;
  • Limit the amount of money you hold in the cash drawer. Don’t count money in public view;
  • Have a monitored intruder alarm system installed to enhance the physical security of your business;
  • All ATMS should be placed away from entry points of your shop. They should be anchored to the ground and covered by way of CCTV.


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