Watchguard 2020: Professional Wireless Security

Stay accessible, remain secure

You can interact with the alarm system directly on the panel, via a paired remote control, a paired RFID tag, its iOS or Android smartphone app, an SMS text message or a phone call.

  • Alert notifications via SMS or phone call.
  • Low-battery notifications from wireless sensors and accessories.
  • When an alarmed event goes off, alerts will go out in succession to the programmed phone numbers.

Connect up to 50 sensors

Pair wireless sensors with no wires and no fuss. Provide a compatible SIM & power, download the free iOS/Android application, configure your connection and begin adding sensors.

  • Add up to 50 wireless sensors (GSM model) and up to 30 total sensors (WiFi model)
  • Add or remove wireless sensors to the alarm via your smartphone application.
  • Add multiple remote controls and strobe sirens.

GSM & WiFi Alarm Systems

Connection is made easy with SIM slot for 3G and 4G or connect to existing WiFi network allowing you to control and monitor your alarm system via the free Apple or Android App.

  • The SIM card allows the unit to double as a mobile phone, enabling you to make calls directly on the panel (GSM only).
  • Supports up to 5 emergency phone numbers and 5 text message numbers (GSM model only).

Security control from anywhere

With the advent of home automation and rapid rise in adoption of power smartphones and tablets, you can no longer provide a standalone solution when it comes to residential security systems. Deliver the product features customers ask for with the smartphone integration they desire by choosing Watchguard wireless alarm systems:

  • Each control panel features a minimal and elegant, user friendly design
  • Control panels and accessories include backup battery incase of power failure
  • Each security system can be linked to your smartphone via free alarm application
  • Offer complete building security control from anywhere via the integrated app

* SIM card connectivity only available in select GSM models. Contact us for more details. Push notification features available for iOS or Android devices via free application. Smartphone not included.

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