There are many reasons why you need a surveillance system in your business. These include:

Discourage criminal activity or assist in police investigation

Surveillance cameras in the workplace can record incidents of theft or vandalism of company property. Such theft may range from minor items to significant company assets and even corporate secrets. Any recorded footage will assist police in an investigation. Just having a video surveillance system, will deter would-be criminals.

Settle disputes against fraudulent claims

Should any employee or member of the public make a fraudulent claim against the company, the dispute can be easily settled if there is video evidence to the contrary. For example, If a customer makes an allegation against an employee for improper behaviour and seeks financial compensation, the recorded video evidence will reveal the truth and help you to either support or discipline your employee.

Keep records

The video footage becomes a record of transactions for the business, and in the absence of documentary evidence, can be reviewed to establish such things as whether a customer made a purchase at a particular time, whether a shipment was correctly packed and whether quantities sent were correct, etc.

Improve employee performance, productivity, work conditions and training

Managers can review CCTV footage of workers to ensure they are engaged productively, check that they are adhering to company standards, determine that they are working under optimal conditions, find areas where they can improve and finally, identify re-training opportunities for them.

Workers, knowing that they are being watched, will be inspired to improve their performance and their productivity. Also with the added surveillance, the number of supervisory staff can be reduced.

Training programs for workers can be improved as workers can use surveillance recordings to learn correct operations and procedures performed under actual real-life situations.

Protect employees

In the work environment video surveillance systems protect employees in several ways. CCTV cameras around office buildings ensure the safety of employees against criminal elements. In the office, the video system can record instances of employee abuse or harassment, either from the public or other staff members. Video surveillance of the building entrance monitors each visitor coming into the building.

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